Debunking 6 Common Myths About Commercial Solar

There are a lot of misconceptions about solar panels that cause people to hesitate to explore solar on their commercial property. Today we will address them!

1. Solar panels are too expensive and take too long to pay off.

There are many financing options for your solar system. With a loan or lease agreement, you can install solar for $0 down, meaning you will start earning money from day one. 

Commercial systems generally see higher returns because of the massive amounts of energy you can offset. Your system will have paid for itself about 3-5 years after installation. Thanks to generous tax credits, you will regain 56% of the cost in the first year alone.

On top of that, Massachusetts is currently offering the best solar incentive rates in the nation, so you will pay significantly less than your friends in other states!

2. The panels will harm my roof or property.

Solar panels can actually protect your roof from harmful weather elements, like rain, snow, and UV rays. Additionally, if you have a large parking lot, a carport installation may be a great way to help your customers and their vehicles stay out of the elements.

Some property owners may be concerned about the installation process, which may require holes to be made in the roof. However, these holes will be sealed properly by the right installer. Thankfully, NRGTree will only connect you to pre-vetted, certified installers so you can have confidence in their craftsmanship. In addition, certain installation techniques allow for panels to be placed on your roof with little to no holes drilled, reducing the risk of problems.

3. Maintenance is hard and expensive.

Making sure your system is performing as well as at should is a necessary part of owning solar panels. Thankfully, in most cases, monitoring systems are pre-built into your system. This will take the data and send it to their platform or app, allowing you to stay up to date on its performance.

Regular cleanings will ensure that your solar system is working at its absolute best. Thats why NRGTree’s team of financial analysts have already calculated and included the costs for the operation and maintenance on your system, so there will be no surprise costs detracting from your savings.

Panels have a lifetime of 25 years, although they usually last much longer. They are built to be very durable to the elements, and should anything happen, manufacturers typically offer a warranty on panels for 15-25 years.

4. I should wait for solar technology to improve.

Massive improvements have been made in recent years both in terms of panel efficiency and price. Although there will always be new technology, experts advise it isn’t worth the wait.

Since solar incentives are offered on a first come, first served basis, the longer you wait, the more money you will have to pay. (If you want to read more about the program currently offered in Massachusetts, click here). 

This means that if advancements in technology are made, the increased efficiency you will have “lost out” on will likely not surpass the money you have made from the higher incentive rates being currently offered.

5. With solar, I will need a back-up generator for cloudy days.

Incorrect! Your facility will still be connected to your local utility grid should your energy needs surpass your production.

However, if you would like to increase your independence from the grid, you can explore installing a battery on your property for excess energy. 

Battery storage can drastically increase your energy resiliency and substantially lower your monthly bill. On top of that, Massachusetts is currently offering high incentives for those who install batteries and dispatch that energy to the grid during times of peak demand.

6. It all seems like too much work.

Once the installation is complete, you immediately start seeing returns on your investment with next to no effort.

In contrast, if you took that same money and invested it in the stock market, you would need to frequently check on the stock’s growth and worry about selling it. Here the solar panels do all the work for you!

Interested in learning about your property’s potential? Visit us online or give us a call at 978-886-3155.

Author: Jill DiMeo – Jill is a Digital Operations and Marketing Intern at NRGTree


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