Support for Solar Energy Becoming Bipartisan

In an age where opinions are increasingly polarized and political parties seem to be less likely to cooperate, there is a surprising issue that American voters are in agreement on.

A recent survey by the Global Energy Institute showed that 73% of voters supported a cleaner and stronger energy agenda, involving more use of American energy and continuing environmental progress.

It also found that the vast majority of voters agree that the best way to address climate change is through investments into innovation and technology.

Source: Getty Images

Another study by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication found that 85% of registered voters supported requiring utilities in their state to switch towards producing electricity solely from renewable sources.

The evidence is clear that Americans from all political views support and value renewable energy. Investing in a solar system can not only save you money, but can also improve your public image.

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Author: Jill DiMeo- Jill is a Digital Operations and Marketing Intern for NRGTree.


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